Our Organisation

NZXMThe Council of Ex-Muslims of New Zealand (CEMNZ) aims to support those individuals who become disillusioned with Islam and choose to follow another path. For those turning from Islam to another religion, they generally have support from the members of that new ‘spiritual home’, but for those for whom that is inadequate, or have turned to agnosticism or atheism, there is currently little or no support available.

We also aim to support those who are simply having doubts about Islam and wish to discuss the issues in confidence with those who understand the issues from personal experience.

Islam and many Muslims are extraordinarily intolerant of those who desire to break away or reject the faith. Apostasy in Islam is regarded as one of the most serious offences and receives a death penalty in many countries.

That intolerance unsurprisingly results in much stress, fear and often physical suffering in those who have doubts or wish to renounce Islam, even for those living as part of Muslim communities within Western countries.

The CEMNZ aims to provide access to resources and individuals who may be able to help those in a difficult situation in terms of their emotional, informational and practical needs where possible. Our focus is on those in NZ, but where we can assist those overseas we will endeavour to do so.