Are you in danger?

Muslims do not have a monopoly on so-called ‘honour’ killings and attacks, but they do appear to carry out the vast majority of honour killings. Islamic teachings do not specifically support honour killings, but in practise Islamic states around the world turn a blind eye to it, largely because women are regarded as a commodity or property in Islam. (Muslims who disagree with that last statement should read widely in the Hadith and Sirat al-Nabi).

Our group support, is focussed on the (ex) Muslim community and their issues.

You may be under threat of Honour Based Violence (HBV) if you have in any way brought shame, dishonour or embarrassment to your family or the Muslim community. That could include wearing the ‘wrong’ clothes, talking to the ‘wrong’ people, being seen in the ‘wrong’ places or renouncing faith in Islam (apostasy).

Apostasy is regarded a crime punishable by the death penalty and enforced by the state in around 19 countries worldwide. In NZ and Australia, this is obviously not the case; nevertheless Muslims the world over tend to think that Islamic teaching overrides any petty Kafir legislation and take the law into their own hands.

If you are being threatened then the NZ Police website recommends a number of steps you should take. ‘Criminal harassment’ and ‘intimidation’ are against the law. HBV usually takes place within a family or a distinct community and thus is usually a type of domestic violence. The NZ Police have some useful info regarding domestic violenceĀ  on their website.

If you are in immediate danger, in an emergency dial 111 and ask for the Police.

  • Call 111 for the Police
  • Run outside – move towards other people
  • Shout for help

Women in danger can contact the NZ Women’s Refuge or call 0800 733 843 (0800 REFUGE) . You can also find your local Women’s refuge via this link.

Intimidation and threats over a period of time, direct or indirect, and fear of the unknown can lead to thoughts that there is no escape and life is no longer worth living. Muslims consider suicide haraam (forbidden) but someone who may be considering themselves to be no longer bound by those rules may consider this option more seriously.

Before taking any potentially irreversible steps, talk to someone who can help. There are people who care and can help. The Samaritans can be good place to start – call 0800 726 666.

Use the Council of Ex-Muslims international internet forum to communicate with other people in a similar position around the world and you can of course talk to us in New Zealand – email, phone and in person (See our Contact Uspage)