Defend the faith (fidei defensor)

Once indoctrination has taken root within an individual, any attempt to expose fallacies, ‘rock the boat’ or even what might start out as a purely rational discussion with that individual about alternative points of view, will typically evoke anger; a subconscious attempt to turn it into an argument and to ‘win’ that argument – at least to their own satisfaction (not anyone else’s).

This appears to be driven by a regression on the part of the indoctrinee to their parental and child modes (as per Transactional Analysis). The original adult rational conversational prompt, causes conflict and confusion which must be overcome somehow. Without any rational way to respond, the parental indoctrination kicks in, along with anger from the child mode.

The challenge to Muslims is to ask themselves some questions, and examine their own thinking:

  • Why do I feel the need to ‘defend my faith’?
  • Why are rational questions interpreted as some kind of personal attack (which evokes anger)?
    • Note that anger is a response to fear; an attempt to bring a frightening situation back under control.
    • Why then, am I (as a Muslim), frightened by questions or evidence presented to me?
  • Why am I willing to apply one set of standards of evidence in some areas of my life, yet am willing to suspend those standards for religious doctrines?

Try reading testimony of people who’ve left islam. You may read the first few and try to justify yourself… They were never ‘true’ muslims … They were unlucky … They were had inadequate teaching … They drew the wrong conclusions… But doubtless you will eventually see something of yourself and your own situation there.

Just as an aside; UK coinage includes the Latin abbreviation “Fid. Def.” (Fidei Defensor) because the monarch is the head of the Church of England and defender of the faith. See this link for more details regarding British coinage.