Who Are We?

We are a small group of Ex-Muslims living in New Zealand, who support the ten point manifesto of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB).

We are a voluntary unincorporated self-help group with no funding from any source currently. We can offer moral support, understanding, information, advice and some practical assistance to those in need. We are not professional counsellors – but we do have background knowledge and experience in this specific area that counsellors may not have.
We have been brought up in Muslim households or converted to Islam and spent many years as practicing Muslims ourselves. We still have Muslim family and friends. So it should be clear that we are not anti-Muslim as such; we have just done a bit more research, dared to question our beliefs and decided that they did not stand up to close scrutiny. As an aside, the Pew Forum conducted a (US based) survey in 2010 and found that atheists/agnostics generally have a higher level of general religious knowledge. There is a shorter online version here where you can test your own knowledge.

It is also important to say what we are not, to eliminate some likely common misconceptions. We are not a racist or right-wing organisation that wishes to attack Muslims. We will defend the rights of Muslims to say what they believe, even if we no longer accept it ourselves.

We do not suffer from Islamophobia; there is much of value in Islam and most religions. We do have a broader viewpoint than most Muslims, we have read more widely and are able to discuss those things that Muslims themselves know are real issues, but tend to sweep under the carpet because they are difficult to deal with.